The Move

Step 1 - Packing

After everything is sorted,  Senior Transitions, Inc. staff will come to your home 1 - 2 days before the move to pack.  We bring all the necessary supplies including boxes, tape, paper and markers.  We work rapidly but carefully to pack all your treasures.  Unlike traditional movers, we do not pack trash and unwanted items.  We  label each box to aid in the unpacking process.

We will pack to the point where things are ready but you can still live in your house.  Last minute items in the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen are left for move day.  We also leave adequate lighting to insure your safety.
Step 2 - Move Day

We will arrive a little before the movers.  While the movers are busy loading the truck, we quickly finish the last minute packing.  The movers load the final boxes plus a chair on last.  This will provide us work to do at the new residence and a place for you to sit.

At your new residence, we will rapidly work to unpack the basics of the kitchen and bath.  We will make your bed and insure a safe environment. 
Step 3 - Making it a home.

The day after the move, we return at an agreed upon hour.  This day is used to fully unpack and put things away.  The packing supplies and boxes are removed.  We will hang the pictures or simply place them in appropriate locations if your new residence supplies this service.  By the end of this day, you'll feel like it's home.
What do you take?
  1. Your money
  2. Your prescriptions
  3. Your jewelry
We do the rest!

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