Getting Started

Here are some helpful hints to make the transition easier.
  1. Look forward not back.  Concentrate on deciding what to keep.  Our system of disposing of things you no longer wish to keep is straight forward, preserving as much of the assets as possible.  Very little goes to the dump.  With that in mind - consider your new lifestyle and what is important to you.  This mind set makes everything much less stressful.
  2. Label, don't pack.  Use Super Sticky Post-It Notes.   If things go to loved ones, use a different color for each person.
  3. Do everything you can't delegate.  This includes deciding where you want to live and what you want / must keep.  When you have made all the decisions no one else can make, progress onto the rest.
  4. Do a floor plan.  If you skip this step or say 'I'll just make it fit.' you are headed for disaster.
  5. Use the good stuff.  Don't save good towels, linens, clothes for tomorrow.  Get rid of the rags!
  6. Change of address should be done 2 weeks before the move.
  7. Change of telephone - allow 1-2 weeks, depending on the carrier.
  8. Allow enough time / energy.  Moving is physically and emotionally exhausting.
  9. Don't wait for the last minute to call for help.
If you are helping someone move, our experience shows that disrupting the environment much before the move will create additional stress and confusion.  This is especially important if someone has memory issues.  Start removing things - you can count on repeated phone calls asking where something has gone or concern about break ins and theft.
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