Estate / Home Clean Out
Homes are not alike in their contents.  The process is the same but the ultimate disposition of the items will vary.

Step 1 - Sort through the contents of the home to insure nothing of value has been overlooked. 
Step 2 - Organize the contents.  Categories will include items to be shredded, items to be returned to the appropriate individuals, items to be sold.
Step 3 - Ascertain the best method of disposing of the items to be sold / donated. 

We consult with qualified estate sale companies, on line auctions, auction houses, clean out men and charities.  Our goal is to honor the wishes of the individual or estate, minimize the cost of clean out, obtain money for any item of value and avoid having things taken to landfills. 
Our years of experience and extensive list of qualified companies to consider will guide the process to maximize the money made from the sale of items.

Please be aware that tastes change. What once seemed to be a good investment for the future, is in today's market something no one wants.  The reverse is also true.  Before you discard anything, please allow us an opportunity to guide you.

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