Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How much does all this cost?
    • Each client is different.  Before we can discuss price, we need to see the scope of the project.  We offer a 1 hour free consultation to evaluate the requirements of the job, formulate a plan and discuss associated costs.
  2. Are your services free?
    • No.  We are a for profit company.  We charge for services provided.
  3. Do you work with hoarders?
    • Yes and no.  If it is an estate, has no evidence of being a hazardous environment (mold, rodents, etc.), we will do the job.  Hoarding is a very special issue requiring both physical and psycholgical help.  People with hoarding tendencies will re-clutter as soon as a space is cleared unless they get assistance dealing with the underlying cause of the issue.  For true hoarding jobs with the individual in transition present, we will refer them to someone to help them.  We have access to haz mat companies who will manage the hazardous part.  We can assist with the floor plan and move plan. 
  4. Do you only help senior citizens?
    • We have helped non-seniors move.  We have found that there is a great need among the elderly, however, we have also helped others who simply didn't have the time, energy and/or the desire to manage their own move.  Please give us a call.  We'll be happy to assist you.
  5. We are moving out of town.  Can you help on both ends of the move?
    • We are founding members of the National Association of Senior Move Managers.  We can handle the local area and will refer you to a move coordinator at your new location.  In surrounding areas - such as DC, Delaware and areas of Pennsylvania that are close to the Maryland border, we may be able to manage the full scope of the job.
  6. Are you insured?  Bonded?
    • We are fully insured.  If we pack something and there is breakage as a result of how an item was packed, we will take responsibility for fixing or replacing the item.  Obviously, if the mover runs over a box with his truck - the mover will be responsible for the damage.  All staff are background checked and bonded.
  7. Do you select the movers or do we?
    • We will work with movers of your choice or we can recommend movers for you.  We have no financial connection to anyone refer, movers included.  We do recommend a very select group of movers and have a preference for specific crews.  Our recommended movers provide wardrobes, container bins and in most cases, valuation on your move.  Our arrangements save our clients money.  Our movers know how we work and know how to work with our clients.  However, the final choice is always yours.  If you have a mover you would prefer, we will work with them. 
  8. Why should we use your company over another move coordinator?
    • Senior Transitions has successfully assisted our clients since 2002.  Few if any other companies in the area can make that claim.  Our experience shows in our compassion and thoroughness.  Our references speak for us.  If you want the job done right, give us a call.  In December 2013, Senior Transitions, Inc. achieved NASMM's Accreditation.  We are one of the first group of Move Coordinators to ever achieve this, further insuring the quality provided by our company.

For more information, contact Senior Transitions Inc.
                    Office:   (410) 515-1199. 
                    Fax:       (410) 515-4249
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